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This will serve as your ULTIMATE guide to shopping for your Wedding Dress


1. Schedule your day realistically. When dress shopping, allow this to be the ONLY thing on your schedule, unless of course, a couple hours at the spa in the morning getting a massage is something in the cards! The last thing you want, is finding an assortment of dresses you’re interested in, but needing to rush out the door for a hair and makeup trial. Feeling rushed will never serve you while you’re making such important decisions.

2. While we’re on the topic of Hair and makeup, this tip will save you money! Do not make hair and makeup style decisions before you find your dress! Your dress style will greatly influence how you will want your hair to fall. An intricate lace back dress deserves to be seen and therefore, you may want your hair to be up or pulled off to the side. On the flip side, you may have a beautifully detailed sleeve or neckline that could be hidden by a hairstyle. By finding your dress FIRST, you’ll save yourself time and money spent on hair trials. One more thing beauties, bring a hair tie with you! If you find a dress you love, pulling your hair up in different ways with a simple tie can help you visualize an ideal concept of the full look.

3. Shoes! Oh how you know I love shoes! Shoes make my heart sing! If you haven’t found the perfect pair yet, you can STILL purchase your dress! Just wait on your alterations!

4. Let’s touch on Alterations and shoes again in a whole different tip category! Can you potentially see yourself kicking off your shoes and dancing the night away? You wouldn’t be the first and certainly won’t be the last! Consider this option when you ask for alterations. Adding extra bustles to your dress for flat shoes or barefoot dancing will make the bottom of your gown much happier!

5. Unsure on style? Look through Pinterest and Instagram and follow your favorite designers on social media to find pictures of dresses you love! These will become your “inspiration” when speaking to your shop of choice about style and overall look. Remember, they are professionals in helping you solidify your style while picking a gown that flatters your body shape! Speak to your Wedding Planner about her favorite shops and ask for assistance with scheduling a time to try on some options. Remember, Wedding Planners have SEVERAL clients going in and out of shops on a continual basis. They have a plethora of knowledge here!

6. Discuss with your dress shop what types of undergarments you should bring with you/wear to your appointment. This is a question your shop of choice will appreciate!

7. Know your budget AND know How much wiggle room you were willing to give up for your perfect dress. Knowing your ideal cost and your maximum available will keep you from trying on dresses that aren’t within your reach financially. Having an ideal budget and a range is helpful and necessary before setting foot in a dress shop!

8. Are you wearing mom‘s necklace? Or have a sentimental jewelry piece in mind? Bring it with you! Trying on your dress with these pieces that mean so much to you, will be key to seeing your overall look.

9. Make sure you eat and drink before. This does NOT mean to eat a thanksgiving meal and then go dress shopping. That would be nothing short of uncomfortable, beauties! But-the last thing you want is getting hangry! Eat light, healthy, and time your meals properly. You never know how long your visit will be or how many dresses you will try on.

10. Your crew ... oh boy- this can be tricky. Frankly, the more people coming with you the more opinions you have! Bring the people with you who are the most supportive of what YOU want. It’s your dress and it’s going on YOUR body. Nobody else needs to feel comfortable in it but you! That does not mean to not bring people who are honest! Just choose wisely! Asking your chosen Bridal shop how many people they can accommodate will also be helpful in selecting who goes with you, and who sees the gown after you’ve purchased it.

11. Be open minded about possibilities. More often than not, a gown looks different on you than on the hanger. You have the time! Try it on!

12. Take climate and weather into consideration! If you’re getting married in June here in Zion National Park or Southern Utah areas, having a long sleeve gown may be extremely uncomfortable. You don’t want to be a sweaty mess or frozen ice queen on your wedding day!

13. Move it girl! Twirl, sit, stand and DANCE. This will be the only way to secure your comfort the day of the wedding. Mention your mobility preferences to your dress shop so they can help you with fabric selection. Not all fabrics are created equal my brides!

14. Keep it Natural! It may be enticing to go try on dresses with a full face of makeup and post spray tan, but your shop will be forever thankful for you to keep it more natural during your shopping adventure. This doesn’t mean you have to show up to your appointment looking sketch, but keeping your face clean of a lot of makeup and having CLEAN skin will help the shop in keeping dresses clean too. Go ahead and apply your mascara beauties! Just keep the full glam look for another day!

15. Finally, have FUN!! Feeling overwhelmed doesn’t have to be your circumstances. Have fun with it! Enjoy yourself! Even if you don’t find your perfect dress the first time you go shopping, celebrate progress! Dress shopping is NOT a race!

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