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Why do couples hire me? 


When considering hiring a Planner, Designer, or Coordinator for your big day, you have quite the list of variables to sort through. It really comes down to what YOU want as a couple and what you NEED to make your day as stress free as possible. So, what's the difference between a Wedding Planner, Wedding day Coordinator, and a Wedding Designer? I'm here to help you know what those differences are and therefore, give you the necessary information to make a decision regarding your needs. 

The Wedding Planner


A Wedding PLANNER duties are intricate, time sensitive, and require an organizational mind and attention to detail. They will be with you DURING the planning process, give you full access to top wedding vendors and venues in your area through their own connections, make phone calls on your behalf, help you set up tastings or alteration appointments, review vendor contracts on your behalf, plan and coordinate all logistics and timeline needs & execute them seamlessly. If sticking to a budget is important to you, the MOST important aspect of having a planner will be to help you set a budget and STICK TO IT. On top of these skill sets, most planners will also do everything a wedding coordinator does. 

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The Wedding Designer


A Wedding DESIGNER is the mastermind behind the aesthetics and theme of your day based on your personal styles and tastes. A designer has the ability to visualize your event, in your style, without touching one piece of decor or seeing your Pinterest board. A designer will sit down and speak to you about YOUR vision and help you itemize the necessary components needed to make that dream a reality. A designer will be able to customize floor plans at your venue, counsel you on venues that fit your style and budget & most importantly, have the creative ability to modify those components on a whim if needed.

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The Wedding Coordinator


A Wedding Coordinator specializes in logistics and crisis management. Their involvement with the planning process will consist of recommending vendors and being there on your big day to ensure your timeline is executed with precision and ease. A Day of Coordinator will not have input in design, or involvement with the actual planning process. They will serve as the point person for all vendors involved with your wedding and allow you and your family to ENJOY your day. Our planning ALWAYS includes Coordination, but we NEVER book Coordination as a stand alone service as we believe in being with you through it ALL, allowing you to enjoy the process and maximize your budget. 

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Why do couples hire me?

When you hire me, you get all 3!

SEASONED planner
EXPERT designer
experienced coordinator

With over 20 years of experience in the arts, event planning, marketing & business management, no stone will be left unturned. Every detail of your wedding is carefully and creatively thought out and executed. I'm here to guide you in how to take your vision and execute it beyond a unique level, ultimately showcasing your individuality and love story.


I can't wait to start PLANNING with you!

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Contact Me. I'd love to hear from you!

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