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Sierra & Chase

I have no regrets hiring Tambra for the full planning of our wedding. This year we were able to work full time, travel, renovate our house, and finish off the year with a wedding better than we could have imagined. Tambra lead us to the best vendors, and helped us navigate our choices for our day to limit our stress. All of our guests had just as much fun as we did, and our day went absolutely perfect. We can’t thank you enough Tambra for working so hard to make our day so magical!


Heather & Rob

Tambra is simply amazing! She has all the right connections with all the right people and will help you build your dream team of vendors. She handled a couple hiccups we had with the venue with ease and made sure at the end of the day we were taken care of. Tambra takes the time to get to know you not only as a couple but also as individuals. She recognized early on that I was a foodie at heart and that cheese ranch fries bring me joy; she made sure I was able to enjoy a full plate of fries during our reception which meant the world to me and absolutely made my night. Tambra is organized with an eye for details, she did a wonderful job helping to merge my style as well as my husbands style together and making sure the vision was executed perfectly. She turned our dreams into a reality with her endless ideas and insight. We even had a last minute change in our ceremony site and Tambra made it all work flawlessly. Honestly we wouldn’t have been able to do it without her. Thanks to Tambra and her amazing team we had the wedding of our dreams, one that our friends and family will talk about forever. You definitely want Tambra on your team, I promise you won’t regret it!

Monica+Andy Wedding-379.jpg

Monica & Andy

Tambra Moultrie gave us the wedding of our dreams. We are two very busy medical residents living on the East Coast, but we wanted to have a "destination wedding" in southern Utah since one of us grew up in southern Utah and we both love the area. We had considered planning the wedding by ourselves, but the single best decision we made in planning our wedding was hiring Tambra. Within minutes of meeting her by phone we knew we needed to have her plan our wedding. The first thing she had us do was tell her our story and our vision, and was committed to making our wedding exactly what we wanted. She took our ideas - our color scheme, our decoration ideas, how we wanted our ceremony and reception to proceed, and so forth - and made it a reality.

Tambra worked with our busy schedules, often scheduling calls with us late at night when we were both free. Tambra broke up what is an overwhelmingly complex process into easy to manage pieces, giving us small tasks to complete from month to month.

She worked with the vendors and caterers we had chosen, and in cases in which we didn't know who to get for certain services, she recommended ones that were outstanding. She coordinated with all of them to ensure everything would be perfect for our wedding day. We were also able to organize and alter the reception layout, seating, guest lists, as well as vendors, due dates, and more, via an easy-to-use online software she gave us access to that made planning seamless.

She put together a detailed itinerary of what needed to happen when on our wedding day and then executed it to perfection. We knew we could enjoy our day since Tambra was on top of all the details. She coordinated sign pickup, decorations, flower arrangement, table settings, all deliveries, timing of toasts, speeches, music, food, pictures and every other last detail. She even prepared for contingencies - two days prior to our wedding there was slight chance of rain on the forecast, and Tambra reassured us that she and her staff had it covered.

In addition to the wedding, Tambra planned our rehearsal dinner. As many of our guest were traveling to our wedding, it was super important to us to have a flawless rehearsal dinner to welcome everyone to southern Utah. Tambra put together an incredible evening and again executed every last detail to perfection.

Tambra was an absolute pleasure to work with. She is at once a professional who is a master of what she does but also warm, friendly, enthusiastic, and a joy to talk with. It was immediately obvious that she wanted to get to know us and hear about our story. She wasn't just helping us plan our day, but was truly invested in making our day one of the most memorable of our lives.

After our wedding we are so thankful to her for everything she did. She is the reason we had the wedding of our dreams - we'll remember it for the rest of our lives. We truly can't recommend her highly enough. If you are lucky enough to be having a wedding when Tambra is available - do not hesitate to hire her.

Monica+Andy Wedding-281.jpg

Shannon & Kit

Tambra was amazing to work with, from the earliest days of planning through the actual wedding day. She has years of experience that informs her advice, and she is focused on supporting the experience YOU want. She had recommendations and examples of everything, but also encouraged me to focus on what my partner and I envisioned, not what was expected/traditional. Tambra recommended incredible local vendors, gave great insight on easy ways to control expenses, and was flexible, patient, and truly thought of everything. I’d work with her again in a heartbeat.


Hannah & Christian

I have no regrets hiring Tambra for the full planning of our wedding. This year we were able to work full time, travel, renovate our house, and finish off the year with a wedding better than we could have imagined. Tambra lead us to the best vendors, and helped us navigate our choices for our day to limit our stress. All of our guests had just as much fun as we did, and our day went absolutely perfect. We can’t thank you enough Tambra for working so hard to make our day so magical!


Leah & Justin

Tambra is not only an amazing and talented wedding planner, but also an amazing human being! It’s been more than a month since our wedding and over a year since we began our journey of working together and all I can say is, I miss her! Tambra is honest, passionate, and super knowledgeable about her craft. For over a year, she helped us plan our wedding across multiple states to help make our dream Zion national park wedding come true. When we didn’t want to do something, she didn’t push us to, when we needed advice, she was there to give it (even when it was beyond her wedding planning duties). Planning a wedding during a pandemic and across the country isn’t easy, especially when you can’t visit the space or even taste the food. But Tambra came through with the most amazing vendors!

The food was delicious, the flowers gorgeous, and most of all, every single person from every vendor was so incredibly kind and personable, just like her. By the time we met Tambra, we had already hired our photographer and hair/makeup artist and she worked so gracefully with them, as if she’d worked with them as long as she had her vendors in Utah. I was crazy enough to think I could plan a wedding in a remote national park all the way from the southeast and boy was I wrong. When I first spoke with tambra, she was such a voice of reason. She was confident and she just thought outside the box.

I’d like to think we weren’t the most traditional couple, with a 25 person wedding, and gasp, no dancing! But Tambra was there to make our vision come to life. When we told her we wanted to take photographs inside the park, she coordinated the day to give us plenty of hours to do so.

Tambra communicated with us through every step of the process. We called, texted, emailed, FaceTimed. You name it, we were in constant communication.

Let me tell you a little more about the type of person she is. She had us send anything we needed to her house (since we already had to fly with a wedding dress and suit). When we went to meet her at her house, it was like we were old friends and had known each other forever. Her and her husband even gave us water and snacks for the drive to our hotel (after a long flight and travel). She just made everything easy! I didn’t worry a single minute on our wedding day, I just gave up all control and it was the easiest thing!

I could literally write a novel about all the wonderful things Tambra did for us. She went above and beyond and I’m so sad our wedding is over, but so glad to have made a friend! ❤️


Glenalyn & Solomon

It is hard to put Tambra's impact into words. We had our wedding last weekend and it was exactly what I dreamed about. Tambra's guidance, encouragement, and execution made the day easy and stress-free. I knew everything was in great hands and I could just enjoy our special day. We collaborated so well, between my vision and her amazing design skills, that many friends and family exclaimed it was one of the most gorgeous, well run weddings they had ever been to. I cannot recommend her highly enough. If you want a beautiful, stress-free wedding day, Tambra is the way to go!


Carrie & Matthew

Tambra is SO GOOD at what she does! We chose to work with her back in early 2020 before the pandemic postponed our destination wedding in southern Utah to 2022. She was with us the entire way; incredibly supportive, full of knowledge and experience, and has beautiful ideas that she knows how to bring to life. She really went out of her way to answer any questions via text/email, a quick phone call or an online brainstorming session, something I truly valued and appreciated since I was trying to put it all together from out of state.
She has wonderful contacts in the industry as well, which we definitely leveraged for florals, event rentals, and catering. It wouldn't have been nearly as successful, streamlined, or beautiful with our her!
She brought my florals to me as I was getting ready, drove us to the venue for photographs, and just went above and beyond. I am so grateful to her and her staff for a day I will never forget.
Go with Tambra -- you won't regret it :)


Megan & Matthew

Tambra made all the difference in my wedding experience. Not only was she on top of planning our wedding and making sure we got EXACTLY what we dreamt of, but she also ALWAYS made time to make sure I was doing ok through all of the wedding stress and reminded me she had everything taken care of! I did not have to worry about one thing on our actual wedding day because I knew Tambra had everything covered… she had a backup plan for the backup plan if things were to go awry. I cannot recommend her services enough! Tambra is the best!


Jennifer & Craig

Tambra was our full service wedding planner for our April 2022 wedding with a 30K budget. Our wedding was absolutely perfect. I would choose Tambra over and over again for the following reasons:

1. She was responsive and available. I was always able to reach Tambra whether it was through text, call, or email. She always made a point to be available to us and responded to all of our requests almost immediately. Or, if she was particularly busy one weekend, she would acknowledge our request and let us know that she would get back to us within the next 72 hours. Her responsiveness was incredibly important to us, because in planning a wedding, everything feels urgent and important. It was really reassuring to know that she was always just a text away if we needed her.

2. She was kind and patient. I was constantly impressed by how pleasant it was working with Tambra. As a couple, we were incredibly indecisive and changed our minds on some big ticket items multiple times. Tambra very gracefully supported us through our decisions and never once made us feel judged or guilty for changing our minds. I could tell that she is truly a kind person who really cares for her clients. This was so important to me, because as a bride you want the planning process to be pleasant. Tambra always made me feel like I was being supported.

3. She was organized, dependable, and professional. Tambra delivered beyond our expectations on our wedding day. During the days leading up to the wedding, she was checking in almost every day just to ask if we had any hiccups come up. On the day before the wedding, she helped us secure last minute space heaters for the wedding due to inclement weather. She also pre-walked the ceremony grounds and recruited staff to mow the lawn and clean up twigs since she felt it not up to her standards. On the wedding day, thing ran so smoothly. I very much owe our perfect wedding to Tambra’s planning skills and foresight to ensure everything was planned. She also offered expert tips that we would not have known had we not had her experience, such as how to time out the day, how to make a ceremony seating chart, when to time photos with sunset, etc. Tambra’s execution of our wedding day made all of the cost of the wedding worth it.

I cannot express our gratitude enough to Tambra for helping us make our dream wedding come true!

Sara and Andrew Snow Canyon-64.jpg

Sara & Andrew

Tambra was absolutely incredible to work with and we were so grateful for her throughout the planning process! We couldn't have planned our wedding (especially through the pandemic) without her. She was always so supportive and had wonderful ideas and feedback to share. Her knowledge and insight about the wedding industry is truly invaluable. Hiring Tambra was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding!

Sara and Andrew Snow Canyon-141.jpg

Gabi & Derek

Where to begin… I quite honestly could not have done my wedding without Tambra. She is absolutely amazing and truly cares about her brides. She was amazing support throughout the entire planning process and wedding day. At our reception, the venue did not provide enough servers so her team stepped in. When crazy wind started to pick up, she sent one of her assistants to get massive tarps from the store to block the wind. To say she is amazing is completely an understatement. She does not disappoint!


Emily & Alex

Tambra made our wedding absolutely beautiful in every way. She has great attention to detail, and helped us stay organized and all on the same page. She created a checklist leading up to the date, so there were no surprises and nothing forgotten. She has great ideas and thought of things I needed I didn’t even know I needed! When we hired her, I immediately felt taken care of. I could let it all go because she was so on top of it. It’s a great feeling when you are planning a wedding! I recommend her 100%.

Photography by Capture Films


Sandra & Andrew

Words cannot described how amazing Tambra is. She is dedicated, passionate and works hard to ensure your big day goes as smoothly as possible.

My husband and I are from NJ and though we had visited Zion several times, we did not know the ins and outs of the area. We found Tambra from a search and decided to fly in to meet her. We connected right away and we are so glad we did. She made our lives easier from having to cancel our first wedding date in 2020 due to COVID to rescheduling and finding the perfect venue, photo spot, florist, cake, etc.

She went above and beyond the call of duty, arranging welcome bags, getting my dress to the cleaner to get pressed at the last minute because the steamer I had broke and even getting under my dress to clip the train of my dress.

Our wedding was small, but the attendees were in awe of the place we stayed at. They felt like they were on vacation. The first look venue was also more stunning than we expected.

I can't say enough about Tambra. She is resourceful, very creative (she did our menus!), has great vendor connections and best of all communicates well. She is prompt, but lets you know when she will not be able to respond due to wedding events.

Our wedding was a success because of Tambra and if we had to do it again, we would not hesitate calling her!


Katie & Brett

Tambra was AMAZING during the wedding planning process and wedding day. She went above and beyond! She helped me with every detail!! She helped with all the big decisions and the small ones too! She made sure that I got exactly what I wanted and helped so much! I would definitely recommend Tambra!! 10/10!!!


Lacey & Pikey

YES, yes and yes!! Tambra Moultrie is the best planner I’ve ever seen!

As a stressed bride during covid, changing my wedding three times… planning was a piece of cake with Tambra, only Tambra could make my wedding planning enjoyable.

If I could do one thing all over for my wedding…. I would have flown out earlier to Zion and hung out with Tambra and her family. She is the most positive person who has the special gift of helping others. She isn’t just a remarkable wedding planner, now has become a dear friend. Very inspiring women, uplifting others constantly. She is quiet behind the scenes and will make sure you have the best day of your life. I’m sure there were hiccups during the weekend, which I knew nothing about.

I called her many many times in tears, especially during covid stress and with random dilemmas. She just made me feel comfortable in every aspect…. And then you see her WORK!

Her pictures do not do it justice, everything is strategically planned and placed well before the events start! I didn’t have any stressors the weekend of my wedding (besides Covid testing which she helped me find)

My mother and mother in law contacted her throughout the entire wedding planning. She was patient and cheerful with all my family and wedding guests. I even told her I needed a cooler for all of our drinks to rent… the weekend of the wedding she MADE A COOLER FOR ME! She knew that was my stress, made it all disappear. She earned wayyyy more than she charged me to plan my wedding. Extremely reasonable and I was shocked by how she went above and beyond for me. She planned and organized all of the most wonderful vendors. I’m so thankful I trusted her to plan my most perfect day!

I’m 30 years old and have been a bridesmaid at least 15 times…. Best wedding experience by far because of Tambra 💕


Christina & Cody

Oh man where do I start with this wonderful woman! Tambra helped me plan my big day and was absolutely amazing! From the first time we chatted over the phone she was so warm and knowledgeable and helped guide me along the wedding planning process so smoothly. Throughout the entire year planning she ALWAYS made me and my wedding day a priority and I knew I could go to her with any questions or concerns.

At our first look she was put in a situation where she became my PHOTOGRAPHER and OMG she killed it She really is a woman of all traits and I had full confidence in Tambra knowing she would take care of everything on my wedding day. She exceeded all of my expectations and became such a good friend. If you are in need of a wedding planner SHE’S YOUR GIRL


Lindsay & Chris

Start to finish, Tambra was a dream to work with. From her positive and caring attitude, to her exceptional organizational skills, to the ongoing professional manner she possesses, this process was a breeze because of Tambra. I knew very quickly that I could trust her judgement and I appreciated her opinions. She gave me information directly while being an easygoing person to talk to. Furthermore, Tambra collaborated very well with my other vendors and made everything come together seamlessly. I received several comments from my vendors about how helpful her timelines and communication were in conceptualizing the day. As a result of how tightly everything was organized, I honestly did not stress at all come the Big Day. I repeat: no stress. How often does any bride say that about their wedding day? It was just the most perfect day, largely in part to Tambra and her team. As I only get to do this once, I’m just so blessed to know and have worked with her!

photography by Dillon Phommasa​


Amber & Steven

No amount of thanks will ever be enough to fully express how thankful I am to have worked with Tambra Moultrie, Wedding Coordinator of Legacy Events. She is the most creative, talented and kindhearted individual in all of southern Utah. Her attention to detail, industry connections and ability to turn a dream into reality is unmatched. The way she was able to take the wedding day vision from my head and paint it into existence was pure magic. Tambra held my hand and had my back through every single step of planning a destination wedding. From talking me out of having full blown panic attacks; to opening up her home to hundreds of our deliveries; to keeping my vendors on speed dial; to creating my day of timeline; to hand crafting multiple decoration pieces I just had to have; to answering my one million questions; to fixing my dress during our first look; to creating the most beautiful spaces; and the list goes on and on. Tambra has a heart of gold and truly makes you feel like the most important bride on the planet. She will go out of her way, drop anything, make anything, literally do anything you need and before you even have to ask, she is already offering. I have an extremely Type A personality and no amount of organization, planning or proactive action on my own could have yielded even close to as perfect of a day as the one Tambra created for me. My entire day was stress free and beautiful in every single imaginable way and I owe it all to Tambra and her Legacy team.


Bailey & Ryan

When people ask me what I would do the same or different from planning our wedding, our response always starts with, “hire a good day of planner!” and I always recommend Tambra!Having Tambra from the start was the best decision we made about planning our wedding. She was supportive of what we wanted but also gave us a ton of great ideas and suggestions to help us make our visions come alive.She walked us through what “traditional weddings” have and let us tweak that to make it all our own. Our wedding was truly one of a kind and she made sure it was executed smoothly. She really thinks of it all so the bride and groom don’t have to! From rounding up the groomsmen at the rehearsal to making sure we had enough to eat at the wedding, she took care of it all with ease!Tambra truly was the best decision we made with planning our wedding; we could not have done it without her!


Riley & Cody

My husband and I worked with Tambra to design our dream wedding. I can’t write this review without telling a quick story about my experience in working with her. I called Tambra on a whim one afternoon after I had lost all hope in being able to have a wedding. I was freshly out of college and in the middle of the pandemic that tore all of our original wedding plans right out of our hands. I was hopeless at the idea of having the “perfect wedding” until Ashley and Justin (two of the most wonderful wedding photographers) sent me an advertisement showcasing Tambra’s work. I couldn’t wait five more minutes to call and talk to her. I was so nervous I was going to receive more bad news considering I had huge dreams on a tiny budget. Instead I was greeted with the kindest and most genuine person who comforted me through all of the heartache of cancelling previous wedding plans and then gave me all of the hope I needed to believe in my dream again. Tambra went above and beyond to check off everything on my list and provided me with far more than I even thought possible for my wedding day. She not only supports every idea that you can possibly come up with but she is also ready to provide all of the knowledge you would need to make your day run smoothly and be a memorable event for everyone in attendance. She pours her heart and soul into every single wedding that she plans and is able to provide so much ease during such a stressful time. Tambra was an absolute dream to work with and made all of my wedding wishes come true. Seriously, she is the fairy godmother of weddings, even making what seems impossible a reality. I could not recommend her more!


Brianna & Xavier

A huge thank you to Tambra Moultrie and her team for the amazing work and the vision they brought to life on our special day. Having to post pone our wedding due to the pandemic was not easy, mentally, emotionally and planning wise. Tambra pulled us through and handled us with so much care and attention despite the little we knew about what the future held. We felt so confident that Tambra knew us, knew our visions, because she truly cared and supported us.

A month away from our wedding Tambra pulled strings for me to get into an amazing dress after I thought I was screwed for sure with my previous dress! She did not hesitate and she took the time to be there with me while I tried on more dresses. She saw us through all the emotions that often come with unexpected hurdles. With Tambra we knew that despite the hurdle, we were covered. She had us! I write this with so much gratitude and emotion, for how much our day turned out to be. And my husband and I can’t think about our special day without thinking of Tambra and her amazing team at Legacy rentals! Many thanks from the Garcia’s ❤️

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Emily & Tyler

We worked with Tambra as our wedding planner and she is great! She worked with me and my mom to figure out details even though neither of us live in St.George, so it was really useful to have her knowledge and expertise. She was so helpful in figuring out all the details so we didn't have to and made the wedding look and run perfectly!

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Iris & James

Very professional and responsive. Tambra and their team made both the wedding planning and wedding day stress free. High quality staff and rentals, everyone we spoke with was so helpful and easy to work with. Highly recommend!

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