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Heather & Rob- Zion Red Rock Villa Wedding

Heather & Rob's day started out with nothing less than an intimate and PERFECT first look location inside Zion National Park. It's incredible to me how many secret little spots we have found which provide privacy and STUNNING Zion Views without the need to go hiking in a Wedding dress.

Heather & Rob are one of those couples who make your eyes tear up just watching them. The complete adoration, respect, and love in their eyes as they looked at each other will be something I remember, always.

The planning process for their destination wedding had details for DAYS- of course bringing me an immense amount of joy! Shall we begin with getting ready details?

From Bridal Cowgirl boots, the Groom Cowboy hat, an elegant stationary suite, and a stunning white rose bouquet, these details sure stole the show for a hot minute!

You may have missed it, so I'm going to just point out one design detail we went an extra mile for.

The groom's boutonniere! Let's look at it a little closer:

How do you make a boutonniere with a shotgun shell? It's possible! This really personalized Rob's hobbies and made it unique to HIM!

Heather may not have had a shotgun shell, but she did not skimp on the details!

Let's take a moment of silence to just appreciate those BOOTS! If you didn't notice, the bridesmaids also received a pair!

One detail I'm particularly proud of and want to acknowledge my staff for! Heather and Rob put time and thought into personalized wine bottle labels, yet, they had run out of time to actually put them onto the bottles. When Heather mentioned this detail to me in casual conversation, my staff went to work, and put labels on bottles once they were finished setting up their beautiful dinner space. How adorable are these?!

We couldn't bear to let these labels go to waste.

Onto the events of the day, Heather and Rob had an intimate, rustic ceremony in an open field, featuring absolutely zero livestock (animals roam these fields certain times of the year which makes the space unusable, however, we got lucky!) This location was a last minute site swap as the original location looked a tad unsettling due to Mother natures temper tantrum in weeks previous.

We have zero complaints about these views!

With a lush circle arch packed with white roses, rose petals lining the aisle, and over the top bouquets adoring whiskey barrels at the end of the aisle, this Elegant yet Rustic styled wedding was a ceremony site for the books, yet more importantly, exactly what the couple wanted!

Petals can do so much for a space, especially when being tossed into the air and providing an incredible photo op!

Heather had a DREAM of having cool spark fountains at the Wedding for the grand exit, so naturally I tracked some down and of course we used them in many different areas to make the most of it!

Here's just a few!

  1. Cool spark fountains for the ceremony!

  2. Cool spark fountains for the grand entrance!

  3. Cool spark fountains for the grand EXIT!

Heather had one more dream in particular. Bacon Cheese Fries. I mean really, who DOESN'T dream of Bacon cheese fries? We contracted with the caterer to offer fresh bacon ranch cheese fries as a late night snack, so naturally as soon as the first batch was out, I asked them to dish up a good sized plate for the bride and went to surprise her with them. Her reaction was PRICELESS!

Another moment to just embrace all this goodness? I'll wait!

Her reaction made my night!

Our design efforts, never lacking, were brought to full fruition within their tablescape design and food setup. Beauty doesn't quite describe it. Rustic does not need to include burlap, mason jars, or any other tacky, outdated materials. Rustic CAN be classy IF you do it RIGHT!

Not only beautiful, but delicious! The cake was devoured along with a donut station.

A HUGE Thank you to all the vendors who contributed to this incredible evening, but most of all Congratulations, Heather and Rob!

Planning & Design: Tambra Moultrie- Tambra Moultrie Weddings

Photography: Jessie Lyn Photography

Videography: Kylee Gubler

Florals: Jocelyns Floral

Rentals: Taylor Made Events

Decor Rentals: Legacy Event Rentals

Catering: Magleby's

Hair & Makeup: Briana with Haven Salon

Cake Designer: CBJ & Company

Cool Sparklers: Festival Sounds Utah

Emcee & DJ: Electric Audio

Bar: Mobile Bartending, LLC

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