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Her cupcakes bring all them WITCHES to the yard!

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

I had to... I'm a cheese ball and I own it. Have you met Julie with CBJ & Co? If not, you're missing out! Julie is one of the MOST inclusive, driven and supportive women I have ever met. I know Julie, is to love her. Every year, she hosts a Witches night out for the Southern Utah community of women to come together, put work on the sidelines and just enjoy each others company. This event just keeps getting bigger, but I don't think it's possible to outgrow this woman's heart!

Julie had a concept and when she pitched it to me, there's just no way I could say no to a design creation different than anything I've ever done with Weddings. We scheduled a day and headed to Vegas, because, if you live in Southern Utah, you know we don't have many shopping options here! Lame sauce!

A FULL DAY of shopping and we had everything we needed. Now, to those reading, a full day may not seem like much time, and it's not. Some of these items were already in Julie or my possession and we built upon what we had. Also, for individuals who work in the creative field, these visions come together at a more fluid pace.

Design is a P.R.O.C.E.S.S








Our shopping trip consisted of more stores than I can count, but we found GOLD. LITERALLY... kinda.

These layered place mats from home goods and clear beaded chargers from hobby lobby were the perfect starting piece to matte black plates, which, in my opinion, should be in everyone's cupboards, because DANG they're amazing! Thanks Target!

Those napkin rings? AMAZON! Funny story... I had them in my cart for a ridiculous amount of time, and this was the PERFECT excuse to take the plunge and invest in them! Modern and fitting for the design.

I couldn't let a full tablescape go naked without a Menu... So off to Photoshop I went!

Design wise, it's just more cohesive to use gold flatware with a palette like this one. Silver would have put this into design fail. Be consistent!

The "floral" we found at Hobby Lobby (We REALLY need one here in Southern Utah!). Julie and I did the floral pieces ourselves with these moss like garlands and sprays.

Shopping tip! Look for STYLE and SIZE! Color can be changed quicker than newlyweds leaving in a get away car! These vases were never black... but I'll just let you think that Julie has a magic wand and zapped these babies black! TAH-DAHHHH! See what I did there? She really is a magician!

3 different tables- 3 different looks and it all tied together.

So what did we eat??? The BEST Taco bar EVER with the cutest set up.

I had spare wood from all the projects I've done and made a sign... just in case all the guests didn't know what this taco bar was.... ?? Ok, not really, but it was cute!

Julie's spread of food wasn't the only thing she whipped up though! Enter that magic wand again...

Cake, cake, cake. Have I told you how GOOD her cake is? Wedding cake does not have to be gross, friends!

Full picture and more details....

Draping effect on the bistro tables made for a cohesive look and what do I see tied around them?? More of that mossy looking greenery we love! Fun fact... I had to tie those greenery pieces in one by one to make it look like one cohesive piece. Pulled it off and worth every minute!

Simplistic greenery brought to you by Floral sprays and wire cutters... We're totally on board with tools!

More magic wand action in these pictures.. can you guess??

So many people came together to pull off this concept and it just goes to show how many people love Julie! Love what you see? Check out Vendors listed below who contributed to this amazing event! Share the love! This wouldn't have been such an amazing event without the heart of an incredible human named Julie or from the help of everyone who donated their time, talents, and resources. It takes a Village, and I'm happy to be part of it!







Cake : CBJ & CO.

Food : CBJ & CO, Mike, aka delivery boy, police officer, peace keeper and prank coordinator and @rachelann.morgan prank videographer

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