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Holmstead Ranch Wedding- McCall & Nick

Getting ready and feeling good! Preparing for their first look.

But... Let's rewind.. because the Groom had a little fun while the bride was getting all glammed up!

Making a SPLASH on his Wedding day, Nick and his groomsmen took the plundge!

Back to the story now...

Finding an intimate and private location for your first look allows you to be vulnerable and raw in your emotions. Many couples opt for a first look for this very reason! It takes that "edge" off prior to the ceremony.

After their first look, Nick & McCall had formal photos taken, allowing them to spend more time with guests after their ceremony.

Picture PERFECT!! Their custom sign was made by me and it now hangs in their home. What a perfect element to add to your day as you can carry it with you forever!

Meanwhile, their ceremony was prepared for guest arrival with a Hexagon arch, fruitwood chairs, and beautiful florals.

Dinner for all their loved ones and an upscale version just for them! We ordered in stunning candles, pairing them with sleek, modern candle holders. Ann Marie Rose Florals did a killer job on the floral design!

When grandmas want you to have a cake cutting, but you're not the biggest cake fan, you do it anyways, because you love Grandma! This was the case with Nick & McCall. They were so sweet to humor them...

They DID have another plan of their own though....

PIZZA CUTTING! Nick & McCall love pizza! So naturally, it made sense to do a formal pizza cutting! Unique "cake cutting" ceremonies are always a fun and personal element to your special day.

Congratulations Nick & McCall!


Photography: @sindymagphotography

Venue: Holmstead Ranch @holmsteadranchresort

Wedding Planning & Design: Tambra- Tambra Moultrie @tambramoultrieweddings-

Day of Execution by Linda

Rentals: Legacy Event Rentals @legacyeventrentals

Catering: Bruno's Italian Restautant @brunositaliancc

Florist: Anne Marie Rose @amr_florals

Hair & Makeup: Briana Petersen @Briana_Irene_beauty @relaxathaven

Bar Tender: Ashley Barrerre @ash.shaps

DJ: Silver Tie Sounds @silvertiesounds

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