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How to plan WEDDING FAVORS for your Destination Wedding

When planning a destination wedding in Zion National Park, Snow Canyon, or otherwise, a common contemplation amongst my clients is always the topic of Wedding favors!

Before I dive into my TOP recommendations, we need to address the ONE thing that will ensure your guests feel connected! Destination Wedding Weekends consist of a whirlwind of various arrivals and check-ins. As guests are arriving on various days and at varying times, it’s only appropriate to keep them in the loop on all activities and plans. Having your agenda on your Wedding Website is always needed, however, assuming your guests will have the ability to log onto a website every time they have a question can result in communication errors! Especially considering cell phone data is not always reliable and Wifi isn’t always available. Printed Agenda’s and a heartfelt Welcome note are beautiful touches to the beginning of a weekend your guests will forever cherish and remember.

NOW, we can talk about all the Wedding Favor ideas I’m suggesting for every Destination Wedding Couple. When considering tangible items as Wedding favors, I’m going to give you three categories to stick to when purchasing favors for a Destination Wedding. Let’s jump into it!

1. SMALL! Your guests have packed suitcases and maximized all possible space they have with their outfits, shoes, and needed items. Giving them something large, bulky, or impossible to take back home leaves guests stressing in an attempt to fit these items in with their belongings, spending money to ship it back home, or leaving it behind. Keeping these items small, ensures your guests are able to keep these items you put so much time into!

2. EDIBLE! Edible favors are ALWAYS a great choice for Destination Wedding guests! This can be something as simple as gourmet popcorn you had on your first date, to custom cookies made representing your relationship. Including a little note with an applicable or explanatory story is a nice touch to these type of gifts.

3. PRACTICAL! My personal favorite! When planning a Wedding in Southern Utah, you can anticipate your guests wanting to explore Zion National Park, Snow Canyon State Park, Bryce Canyon, Kolob and so many more areas available in the local area. Providing your guests with water bottles, hydration powders, “coupons” for equipment rental for hiking the Narrows, chap stick, sunblock and aloe, and some Tylenol after a night of celebrating can be a VERY practical and NEEDED gift to your guests as they enjoy!

Remember, making these decisions should not be a source of stress or frustration. Favors are not an obligation, but rather an opportunity for you as a couple to thank your guests in a tangible way. The opportunities and options are ENDLESS.

Happy Planning Beauties! ~ Tambra Moultrie

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