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Sharon & Noah- Zion Red Rock Oasis Wedding

Getting ready and detail shots kicked out day off! By the time Sharon was ready, she was eager to get in the car to see her future husband for the first time, and may I just say, she is STUNNING!

We worked with a husband-wife photographer team which is ALWAYS a great opportunity! Two photographers who finish each others sentences and read each others minds is a special force out in the photography world on a wedding day!

I love first looks. One thing I really loved and admired about Sharon and Noah is they never skipped a beat in their connection. Not once! Even while taking all these photos, they always had something to talk about. They listed to each other, laughed, and talked about their morning as if it was any other day. You could truly tell they just loved to be with each other! Watching this made me appreciate their relationship and even take notes on things I can do better in my own marriage. I loved their example of what came natural to them.

I just can't seem to get enough of these photos. Leah and Joel (White Black Photography) did such a great job capturing it!

Once their first look was over and those nerves were calmed, we had the opportunity to go into the ceremony. Sharon and Noah had a custom chuppah built by Legacy Event Rentals and they nailed it!

The tent was being prepared for what would come. A massive rainstorm! We were thankful to be inside and sheltered from Mother Nature's surprise as much as we could. We had to act quickly with quite a few surprises along the way unrelated to weather! The Venue did not have clean drinking water, but thanks to the incredible catering staff, they went out and brought in as much as they could as we supplemented with bottled water in the interm.

We transferred the lounge space inside the tent, moved the catering staff inside as well, adjusted the bar inside, and got everyone covered and safe. Staff had an eventful evening as even the catering staff and bartenders assisted in trying to keep the rain out of the tent. We were successful, but did not have the privilege of staying dry. Our jobs are to go above and beyond to try and keep guests happy, allow the bride and groom to enjoy their day, and with all said and done, we definitely succeeded with what we were up against. I couldn't have been prouder of my team. Their determination to get things done, to assist guests in keeping dry all while getting soaked and never complaining. We had an eventful evening, but it was one to remember and we had the opportunity to serve clients who we truly love!

At the end of a very windy and wet evening, our staff was soaked from head to toe and the guests were dancing! We loved being able to see hard work (even if we were dripping wet) come to fruition and see this wedding come together. It was a pleasure to work with Sharon and Noah! Congratulations you two!

Planning & Design: Tambra Moultrie- Tambra Moultrie Weddings Photo: White Black Photography

Beauty: Briana- Haven Salon

Florals: Jocelyns Floral

Rentals: Legacy Event Rentals

Catering: Magleby's Transportation: Amore Transport

Bar: Mobile Bartending LLC

Emcee & DJ: Electric Audio

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